Sunday, June 14, 2009

Test Drive

So, howdy to cyberspace. This is yet another blog about pop culture. Just what everyone needed, I know, but what else is the internet for except sharing opinions that nobody cares about anyway? So here I am, doing my part. You're welcome.

So, about me, I guess. I'm a film and video studies major in college, concentrating specifically on critical studies, so basically I'll have a degree that doesn't qualify me to actually do anything except annoy other people with my ability to pick apart their favorite movies. But I love what I do, and I tend to apply the techniques of film analysis and theory to things outside of film, when it seems appropriate. And sometimes when it doesn't, but it's my blog and you can just go to a different page if you don't like it.

Of course, I am an inveterate geek, as well, so expect to see posts about animation (country of origin is really not important to me, including Japan, so no bitchin'), comics (again, country of origin not important, and superheroes aren't necessarily a prerequisite, either), and of course, film. There might be other stuff, too, I'm eclectic.

My friend Stacy from Creepy Kitch will also contribute sometimes, just so you know who that other person in the banner is.

Hopefully the blog turns out to be more interesting and less self-centered than this turned out to be.

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