Saturday, June 27, 2009

"I Mow the Lawn!"

While I am actually working on some other pieces for this blog right now, I felt compelled to share some of these, since they fit right in with the whole 'analyzing popular culture' theme we've got going on here. Sarah Haskins is one funny lady, regardless of if she's talking about laundry, Carls Jr., Barbie, or "gardening".

If you want to see more of her stuff (and you should, she's got a ton of amazing little "pods" that are addictive like heroin or crack or chocolate (ha!)), you can check them out here: Target Women, with Sarah Haskins.


  1. So you found Target Women! I'd been trying to share it with you, but I remember it wouldn't load for you at the time. T_T

  2. Yeah, I finally found it! Thanks, George, Sarah Haskins is just hilarious, I'm so glad you brought her to my attention.