Thursday, December 29, 2011

Favorites From 2011

It seems like every New Year's I find myself reflecting on the more grueling aspects of the past twelve months and looking forward with a cautious hope that the next twelve will take a sharp upturn.  This proves more about my disposition than the events of the average year, but even in the midst of everything as it was happening I was aware that by and large, 2011 has been a particularly crappy year for me and most of the people I know.  There have been some good things, of course, and my classes and education have been a large part of that.  Even as much as I will be more than happy to see the end of this particular year, there's a part of me that remembers all the past years I've said the same thing (including the end of 2010) only to have the following year be worse than the previous one in pretty monumental ways.  Still, nothing lasts forever, including the disappointments, embarrassments, failures and personal tragedies, so one of these years my oath to have a better year will finally come to fruition.  That's the thing about this holiday; it's all about optimism and hoping that the big wheel you're on will swing around again and give you a break from the mire you've been working so hard to slog through.  So here's hoping that 2012 turns out to be a little kinder than its predecessor was.  Or if nothing else, that it'll still give us some great moments in the midst of it all.

In the meantime, I'd like to close out this year remembering my favorite movies and shows from the past go around the sun.  Not necessarily the best or most innovative things, just my favorites, for whatever reason.


  1. Sunshine and rainbows, Bevin. You nailed it. I'm hoping for a better year as well.

  2. I hope you get it. You had a lot more to complain about than I did from 2012. I hope things are getting better for you.