Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I am such a quiet little bee here! So now I shall STING YOU WITH MY LOVE OF CHEESE!

I wanna see G.I Joe. I wanna see it baaaad even though I'm less than impressed with Duke's portrayal, would like to see Marlon Wayans as more than comic relief, and don't like seeing Storm Shadow out of costume.

But Dr. Who as Destro is freaking AWESOME, as is Tommy Solomon as Cobra Commander. Any of these pop culture references doing it for you?

Snake Eyes, the Baroness, and Scarlett look aces, though, and I tend to like Stephen Sommers a lot.

Scarlett's still my favorite character though, and I'm really just seeing it for her. And to see if she and Duke hook up, even if this IS non-blond, emo-boy Duke. Maybe if he gets laid he'll get over it.

Yo Joe, mother fuckers!

Scarlett was and is a great character, just like Lady Jay even though I hated her when I was little, because she could kick your ass AND was drawn in pants. Look man, this was unusual for the 1980's, and I'll take my heroines where I find 'em.

This woman will rip your heart out and take a bite while it still beats and your ass bleeds out.

I personally can't wait for the wonderful, cheesy mayhem to begin!


  1. GI Joe sucks. When are you going to review something awesome like Care Bears, or Gummi Bears, or Count Duckula. Those were the real masterpieces of our time.

  2. G.I. Joe was Stacy's thing, I never watched it. However, I did love Count Duckula, which is now on DVD, so I may have to wallow in nostalgia with that one.